Success Stories

Jessica Finley
San Diego, CA

“Working with Julia is the single best thing I have ever done for my health.”

“I eat healthier, feel better, cook at home more, sleep better, have more energy…. the list is a mile long. I found some foods simply make me sick and how to eliminate them completely from my diet.  I also learned the benefit of eating organic and how these small changes help our world.

The wonderful thing about Julia is is her approach.  You are an individual to her.  My eating habits were always a source of embarrassment to me and I felt uncomfortable divulging some of my poor eating habits.  But in our time together, there was a space of non-judgmental honesty.  I cannot imagine ever being so honest with anyone else and when it comes to food habits, I cannot strain how important that was to me.

Thank you Julia, for changing my life!”


Allyn Harker
Boulder, CO

“You have absolutely changed my life. I have more energy, I’m a better mom, I’m happy with my body…”

“A few weeks out from my detox with you, and I still feel great. I don’t know if you want me to keep telling you this, but I can’t really help myself. You have absolutely changed my life. I have more energy, I’m a better mom, I’m happy with my body, I’m more effective in my daily life—and all because I’m eating large quantities of a variety of fruits and vegetables. My energy is fantastic if I can stay away from alcohol, and my husband and mother are hooked on green smoothies. Not only that, but I used
to think that my kids would only eat certain foods, and felt restricted to those foods for our meals, whereas now that I’ve made my own nutrition a top priority they are also following suit, taking an interest in sampling my morning smoothies and eating more veggies.

Bottom line: I love to cook and you kind of turned how I do it on its head, and it’s better for the shake up. Thanks, thanks, thanks.”


Judy Bennett
Portland, OR

“My skin is glowing, I’ve dropped 15 pounds, and for once I feel in control of my actions and my life.”

“Julia, I can’t believe how far you’ve brought me toward my optimum self. My skin is glowing, I’ve dropped 15 pounds, and for once I feel in control of my actions and my life. I used to think self-care meant eating whatever instant-gratification treat I wanted at the moment, even though I knew the consequences would make me regret it.

Now, I love the surge of energy and power I find in a glass of green juice or a collard green roll-up. I can run circles around women half my age! Well, I could if I were able to get my husband’s hands off me! I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom, your patience, your gentle but persistent encouragement, and for being a shining example of everything you teach.”


Christina Aleckson
Beaverton, OR

“Julia is vibrant, caring and a great teacher.”

“I feel better overall.  I have more energy and feel that I am on the right track to improve my overall health and also lose excess weight that has kept me unhealthy for too long. I am eating foods to help my liver heal and avoiding foods and beverages that can cause me to lose energy and harm my body.

Julia is vibrant, caring and a great teacher.  I feel she has challenged me to expand my thoughts and really address things that were right in front of me but being ignored.  I feel that I am gaining health, longevity and a better quality of life.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from and continue learning from Julia.”


Nicki Vanderzanden
Beaverton, OR

“This program has been enlightening, enjoyable, and educational.”

“My mood is better, my energy level is higher, my skin is more clear, I feel great about the foods I’m eating and more confident about my skills in the kitchen, and my stress level is significantly lower.  I feel noticeably less stressed.

I think the most important part of all of the above is that it doesn’t feel like it takes any real effort. It just seems like second nature now. This program has been enlightening, enjoyable, and educational. I never felt I was being criticized or judged, but rather supported, respected, and empowered to set and reach goals. I feel confident that I’ve made genuine lifestyle changes that I will be able to maintain. I never expected that I would make this many changes so painlessly!”


Melody Gabriel

“I lost 2 pounds eating guacamole!”

“I really appreciate how well thought out the menus are, especially when you have snacks that complement the meals. My family comes home hungry, I work and am tired when I get home, so having an appetizer and then meal that is quick is so helpful! I’m trying to lose weight and I even lost 2 pounds that week eating guacamole – loved it! I’m making your lentil stew for the weekend so I am happy. Thanks for all the time you put into this!”